But still, the Flying Fortress is one of only four other planes of its kind and of all the wrecks that took place over Papua New Guinea, the Swamp Ghost is the most famous of them all. After the B-17 is fully restored it is due to be moved to the Hangar 79 on Ford Island. Tallichet is a World War II veteran, and has lots of experience in dealing with planes and other aircraft. The Swamp Ghost - B-17E 41-2446 Japanese fire was intense and a flak round managed to punch a hole through the starboard wing. Creatures by Slimy Swamp Ghost/Trevor Henderson [trevorhenderson.format.com] Includes: VioletQueen\Joelias_N1\trevor_henderson\cartoon_cat.mdl VioletQueen\Joelias_N1\trevor_henderson\cartoon_dog_p1.mdl VioletQueen\Joelias_N1\trevor_henderson\cartoon_dog_p2.mdl             $(this).hide(); The mysterious object was challenging to get to as it lay deep within the swampy area of the Papua New Guinea jungle. This particular B-17 Flying Fortress (41-2446) was delivered to the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) on December 6, 1941-just one day before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Whenever these missions would take him over the crash site, he would circle it and tell his new crewmembers the story of what happened. The villagers, however, had known of it for decades. But wait-there's more. Eleven days later, the bomber departed California for Hickam Field in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Locals had been calling it the Swamp Ghost because it was so well hidden deep in the jungle. But it was only when he laid his shaking hands upon it that he realized just what he'd done. His collection included amazing aircraft such as a B-25 Mitchell bomber and a P-40 Tomahawk. One of the early sightings of the Swamp Ghost was in 1972, when the Royal Australian Air Force conducted a routine flight across the Papua New Guinea jungle, not really trying to find anything but just going through the motions. It had been sitting in the middle of the jungle in Papua New Guinea for many years, yet nobody really knew where it came from.     });     $(".related-view-price").each(function() { Currently, there are about six million people that live in Papua New Guinea, most of whom live in remote and secluded areas. They contacted some locals to help them acquire the equipment they needed to put their project into fruition. The bricks are still in the design phase. After arriving at Long Beach, the aircraft was on indefinite loan to the Planes of Fame Air Museum at Chino Airport. At least 12,731 aircraft were built. Produced by the critically acclaimed Pacific Ghosts. What Are Swamp Ghost Lights? He has a business of collecting and restoring military aircraft and is very passionate about his work. Everyone in attendance was thrilled with excitement to see that the long-lost plane had finally been returned to the United States. “Because for some reason it captured the imagination of people from around the world…” he told South California Public Radio. But Fred Hagen and David Tallichet were about to make the discovery of a lifetime. David felt his pulse quicken as it came into view, like a stark white dagger in the landscape. But these two men had no idea what they would be dealing with when they got there. Now that the deal is one, oh hey, they were just kiddin’. Since its introduction in 1938, the B-17 was still the third-most massively produced bomber of all time.     $(".similar-price").each(function() { However, the crash of 41-2446 waned from the public eye for nearly three decades until Australian soldiers -rediscovered- it in 1972. So when they decided to fly to Papua New Guinea to witness for themselves that this massive white object was in the middle of swamps, the preparations became easy. MESSAGE. The locals even performed a ceremony to appease the spirits in the swamp. But their team was so bent on finding out more about its mysterious origins that it wasn’t even minutes until one of them stepped up to enter it. Surprisingly, many of the people in attendance were friends and family of the original crew of the bomber. They all got together, got all bundled up and lined up. While the crew of the Swamp Ghost was redeployed on a new mission, their Flying Fortress was all but forgotten, about half-submerged in the distant swamp. After a week in the hospital, the men returned to combat. Simply said, it was a really big plane. Local press nicknamed the plane "Swamp Ghost." According to Hagen, the restoration of the plane was their greatest dream. They know the history because they were there. But Fred, David, and their team were determined to journey through the unforgiving landscape to see it up close. The deep swamplands also made it almost impossible to remove from the site for further study. Every year, war enthusiasts had flocked to the country to see for themselves the wreckage that lay strewn over many parts of the islands. No doubt an artifact of the original staggered-window B-17G kit, this is a pretty ugly recess that will have to be dealt with. The DOJ’s original false claim, of course, was used by the Democrats and supporting Republicans in congress to dummy up a justification for an actual impeachment vote this week, a vote that was held without any due process or the holding of a single hearing prior to that vote.         if ($(this).text() =='$0.00') { History lesson with Historian Peter Dunn of Australia @ War. A task that is no easy undertaking. The B-17 was a new generation of bombers that could carry a much more sizable payload and serve remote bases around the world. They were there to see something far more ominous. The bomber was a strategic resource in the war and was responsible for dropping 640,000 tons of bombs (out of 1.5 million total) on Nazi Germany. He was thrilled to add another plane to his list of salvaged military aircraft. The Swamp Ghost was due to return to the New Guinean capital city of Port Moresby, but there was no way that the crew could make that happen with a punctured wing and the massive leaking of fuel. Most of the bombers were returned to the United States where they were sold for scrap and melted down. Word spread in 1979 thanks to warbird collector Charles Darby who included dozens of photographs in his book, Pacific Aircraft Wrecks. But when WWII came around, they found themselves in the middle of the conflict due to their strategic location between the Japanese Empire and allied Australia. They were almost immediately sent out on a new mission. The pilots decided to move the helicopter closer to the site, which was mostly composed of swampland. Both men are known for their experience with relic restorations. The efforts, however, were not effective. 9. Thankfully, the crew was unscathed, except for one with minor cuts and scrapes. Swamp Ghost at Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum The plane’s location was probably the major reason why it was largely unexplored. Your First Name Only. With that in mind, both Hagen and Tallichet went to work on attempting to salvage the plane known as the “Swamp Ghost.” They started their endeavor in the 1980s, but it would take them decades to complete the extremely difficult task. After America’s first heavy bomber raid of WWII, a bullet-riddled B17 bomber crash landed in one of the most remote and inaccessible places on Earth. Manchac Swamp - Ponchatoula, LA Photo by Judy Kiel, via Flickr Located in Ponchatoula, locals call this swamp "Ghost Swamp" and it is said to be haunted by a Creole voodoo priestess named Julie Brown. Something that would bring about the downfall of the Swamp Ghost. That, however, is just a modest price for restoring a relic of this sort. Boeing started producing the B-17 heavy bomber back in the 1930s. It had been a major place of conflict during World War 2. In the mid-1980s, David initiated efforts to recover the B-17E Swamp Ghost from a remote New Guinea swamp and return this historic relic of military aviation to U.S. soil. Others had believed it to be haunted, as well. It was a plane from World War 2, they could tell from the structure, which wasn’t really a surprise because Papua New Guinea was a war hotbed and major conflict zone. When they first heard about the sighting and the fact that some locals had been treating it as some sort of deity, Fred Hagen and David Tallichet resolved that they would do whatever it takes to put everyone’s questions to rest.         if ($(this).text() =='$0.00') { Swamp Ghost - episode: 412205 On February 23, 1942, following America's first heavy bomber offensive raid of World War II, a bullet-riddled U.S. B-17E bomber crash-landed in a remote swamp … What the pilot thought was a wheat field ended up being a swamp. But Boeing didn’t just stop at the B-17; they continued to improve the engineering of the aircraft. After a night of rest, they traveled downriver in canoes, were handed over to an Australian magistrate, and eventually arrived at Port Moresby on April 1-thirty-six days after their crash.         } The man even went as far as to organize a group of people to help him intercept the plane before it could be moved to a barge offshore. The crew was welcomed back as heroes but their celebration didn’t last long. During one point of his life, he was the proud owner of over 120 planes. They ran into some locals chopping wood who took them, completely bitten by mosquitos and infected with malaria, to their village. Starting in 2013, the B-17 Flying Fortress has been on display at the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor. The Flying Fortress is “arguably the world’s only intact and unretired World War II-era B-17E bomber, a one-of-a-kind example of an aircraft that played an indispensable role in winning WWII. The Bridge Worms. Mostly because of being partially submerged in water and the difficult to get to the location. Hagen and Tellichet’s salvaging operation was finally completed in 2006, but only four years later would they receive permission to return the aircraft to American soil. Since the first sighting, many have tried to explain it. In order to honor the famed World War II-era B17 “Flying Fortress” affectionately named “Swamp Ghost,” artists Mike Gabriel (director, “Pocahontas,” “The Rescuers Down Under” and the Oscar-nominated short, “Lorenzo”) and Klay Hall … To the local villagers, the bomber was a relic sitting on holy land. If you have an interest in adventure, aircraft wrecks, archeology or B-17s, you will enjoy 'The Swamp Ghost'. This was where the plane's legend was born. The treacherous marshes claimed some, and malaria drove the others mad. Instead of flying with the Kangaroo Squadron that day, it was sent out on one of the earliest bombing missions of the Second World War. The Papuans assisted in the war effort by acting as service bearers — mainly carrying supplies and the wounded across the rugged mountainous terrain and steaming treacherous jungles. This left the chief’s son unable to stop the bomber's removal, and he could only stand by and watch as it was lifted away. Eerily blackened hulls of bombed-out planes sit beside old airstrips, and debris from hundreds of crashed planes lies camouflaged in the mountainous rain forests and lowland jungles. But not everyone was happy with the chief’s decision to let Hagen and Tellichet remove the relic. Because of the B-17's range, the Japanese control of Wake Island and Guam, and the Vichy government's armistice with the Nazi government, 41-2446 island hopped nearly 5,700 detour miles to get to Townsville. The crew of the flying fortress was eventually reunited with the US forces in the New Guinean capital of Port Moresby. But unfortunately, not everything was what it appeared to be. Why was such a massive plane in the middle of the jungle? All of the mechanics and weaponry inside of the aircraft had already been looted by the time Hagen and Tellichet arrived at the plane. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.com. Fortunately, they came across a native that assisted them and took them back to his village. The entire crew devastatingly all caught malaria while attempting to traverse the dangerous swamps. The country quickly became a graveyard and a memorial for the war. The only footage in situ prior to salvage Explore the complete history of Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress 41-2446 known as 'The Swamp Ghost'. In 1972 it was spotted by a Royal Australian Air Force helicopter and the local press dubbed it the “Swamp Ghost.” It is not the historical name of the bomber, but it is the name history has chosen. The bomber was lifted by a Russian-made military helicopter and moved by air to the barge that was awaiting them offshore. However, something in the thick of greens stood out and caught their attention -- turning their blood to ice in their veins. The Pacific Aviation Museum in Hawaii explains it best. However, nothing about this mission would go quite as planned. Despite the stripping, the aircraft structure itself remained remarkably intact. The plane is nearly impossible to locate during the 'wet season', due to the high kunai grass and swamp around, and is half submerged in swamp water. Lord Maximus Farquaad is the main antagonist of the 2001 animated feature film Shrek, as well as Shrek 4-D and the musical.He is voiced by John Lithgow.He does not appear in William Steig's original picture book of the same name Even though it was deemed impossible to salvage the plane, the two kept at it and weren’t going to be deterred by anything. The Papua New Guinea swamps are home to many types of animals, so they didn’t discount the possibility that they could be coming face to face with a massive creature in the water. After 41-2446's crash, Captain Fred Eaton flew 60 more missions. PHILADELPHIA, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- An epic documentary "The Swamp Ghost" chronicling a series of privately financed military-scale expeditions to Papua New … Bad weather conditions also made it difficult to see up in the air for those able to takeoff. Swamp Ghost history lesson with Historian Peter Dunn of Australia @ War. But what did any of this mean for Hagen and Tellichet? The water came up to their waists and it was difficult to move because of the thick mud. One of the challenges of finding anything in the area is the physical boundaries of the area.

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