This is not the company you want if you need customer service. They make you believe that you are get a cheaper rate then Square (etc) but there are A TON of HIDDEN FEES they never mention. Well she called me back and left me a message and said “this is your rate”!So the message here is if you want to get SCREWED then sign up for CAYAN!DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. That is bad business and I would never do that to one of our customers. The customer service reps are rude and you have to be forceful to get a manager on the phone. I already made a request to Merchant Warehouse a few weeks ago (which was ignored) that I did not want to have to pay for the device rental as it was unusable in July.And since they take this with an automatic debit, there is little I can do but to pay for rental of a device that did not work due entirely to issue on Merchant Warehouses end.I hope you seriously consider lowering Merchant Warehouses rating. Rates are good, etc. The great news is that this merchant has decided to stay with us and is currently a valued customer. Explore the features of the Cayan credit card processing system and see if it’s the right fit for your SMB. Thanks,Josh, Hi Josh. Although you might be hesitant in informing them that you’re getting traditional rates in fear that they may re-evaluate you, it’s much better to be certain then to face an account hold/closure once you’ve started processing. While things appeared to have gotten off to a rocky start I was able to address all of his concerns. They transferred me to the Cancellation Dept. Please update us if there are any developments. It was not until approximately 5 months later that we were called by the merchant to close the second account. We should also point out that complaints about poor customer service are quite common. One time I had a customer pay with a friend’s card & within 20 min. I will be fighting the ‘close the account battle shortly’ – I figure it won’t be any worse then the THREE months it took for a reversal of charge back do to their complete incompetence. Again, once we realized this we reworked the account to lower the costs of taking those specific cards. Cayan also touts a Meet-or-Beat Guarantee, where they’ll give you $100.00 if they can’t match or exceed the rates offered by your current provider. I have had problems with this service since the beginning. If they cannot accomplish the basics of the business with customer confidence there must be money changing hands to get those kind of reviews. You’ll also find several positive reviews in our Comments section below. Good bye. Obviously, you can avoid this problem by reading your contract thoroughly before you sign up, as all fees are disclosed in that document. While it’s true that you can close your account at any time without having to pay a penalty, long-term contracts are not the same as a true month-to-month agreement. I will keep everyone updated on how smooth things go from here – including any fees related to closing out the account. We still are running an a crippled system. Our reviewers like ADP Payroll for its advanced employee management, strong payroll features, and great customer support. For a limited time, get three months free when you sign up via our links! Way too many! We weren’t able to obtain a copy of one of Cayan’s merchant account contracts to confirm this, so our best recommendation is for you to review your contract thoroughly before you sign up. However, the main drawback is that Cayan doesn’t provide any information about pricing or rates on … They have the worst customer service and will try anything to delay you receiving your funds. of a transaction 7 days a week – why can’t Merchant Warehouse? Their sign up agent said the account would be set up on 24-48 hours. I’m hoping they pull through and get this taken care of, especially after the headache you had to deal with earlier. We have a large transaction that took over 15 days for them to process. We sincerely apologized and, hopefully, the merchant at least understands that we weren’t trying to be deceptive in any way. We have not had a single chargeback or any other problems prior to this. Heartland's credit card payment processing solutions come with unparalleled data security. Cayan credit card processing is well-known for its ability to adapt and innovate, meaning merchants who want to provide their customers with the ability to make credit card payments will be able to do exactly that; the company has led the industry in a number of transaction processing and payment gateway advancements and has created credit-card processing platforms to help cater its products to best suit … The the risk dept is only open 9 – 5 M-F Eastern except when they have to leave at 2 pm on a Friday and of course lunch and breaks. That’s a HUGE plus for the merchant. Time to process funds and land them in my bank account was very good. When discussing fees with my sales rep I specifically asked multiple times about any additional fees outside of the fees listed above. I’ve been with First Data for almost 4 years now and yes, a PCI compliance fee is an annual fee but at $99 it’s a bargain! Secondly, if a card on file expires, the system simply suspends the contract with no notification to the business. First Data charges $300/yr and it’s a mandatory fee. No one over there would proactively deal with the situation. go somewhere else! You’ll want to know whether your contract is genuinely month-to-month or if it’s in effect for a much longer period. worth of charges. I am pretty disappointed in merchant warehouse. Cayan’s offerings in this area are excellent. One the phone for HOURS on hold. We are not part of the Merchant Warehouse or Cayan company, and are in no way associated with them aside from the fact that we reviewed them here. I contacted the sales agent, again, by email, and she referred me to the client services number, and still no resolution. While explaining the situation to the MW customer service person at how we had closed down and quit processing 4 months earlier he basically said in the nicest way he could…”that is your problem”. Ideal number of Users: 1 - 1000+ 1000+ Rating: 4.5 / 5 (36) Read All Reviews: 4.2 / 5 (36) Read All Reviews They charge 11% to “accept” your money.BULL.These are scam artists. Tom: I switched to Dharma. Who is the best competitor of Merchant Warehouse? After reading many negative reviews on the MW process and other assorted issues I was bracing myself as I thought I would again have to call them but instead my phone rang! Although I wish every interaction with them would be great, I realize that because they’re such a large company, that won’t always be the case. I’ve been reading up on the top 5 and all of them have the “Payment Processor” Section before any of the reviews. Again, transfer to “cancellation” department. Sage/Paya Check Services. What are level two and level three processing rates? We’re also concerned by the relatively high number of complaints, especially since the same issues seem to come up again and again. Janelle Kahn When speaking with customer support the simply stated I signed a contract and I have to pay it. All fees should be disclosed on the Fees page as part of your merchant agreement, and should also be disclosed to you verbally. Again, no one picks up the phone. A lot of money, indeed. We love this reasonably priced, user-friendly point of sale system for its robust back-office features and excellent customer service. Just because I allow the provider to submit a rebuttal does not mean that I’m on their side. Good bye! They do, however, provide extensive information about the credit card terminals they sell, including pricing for some models. If I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. No early termination fee 3. Of course, we won’t know for sure until you start processing. The $99.00 annual PCI compliance fee seems to raise the most eyebrows among merchants. If you're in North America, you can reach us by phone at 888-342-0131. NMI Invoicing Solution. Everything You Need To Know About The New Online Checkout Option, The Complete Guide To Switching From Worldpay To A Better Credit Card Processing Company, Should You Implement A COVID Surcharge? They offer 24/7/365 phone-based customer service and technical support, provided by a US-based, in-house team of service representatives. ShippingEasy got a 5-star review from our team. I called MW and was told that Risk Management had apparently placed a hold on those two weekend batches. I’ll be contacting Merchant Warehouse soon and making the switch……. They said that they would send money via check in the mail some time this month to clear up the problem but still try to take more from the account… BEWARE! Grumbled about all the increasing surcharges and an itemized to death invoice every month but I could always call them and get an answer on things. We switched to MW last summer and process about $150,000 a month with them. Today I am sending certified mail to their corporate office, and if they fail to refund those fees immediately, I will be pursuing what I expect to be a class action lawsuit in federal court. Pros . Cayan has the small to mid-size business owner in mind. It’s a f*&%ing credit card processing company that can’t even process their own transactions.I am sure this new Genuis terminal is going to be a bloated P.O.S. If you do not think my story is typical, go online and review the HUNDREDS of people that have been SCREWED by CAYAN! On behalf of Merchant Warehouse, we apologize for any miscommunications and issues which were experienced and look forward to a long amicable business relationship moving forward. I’ve signed up with this company and canceled my membership in 10 days because I found bad reviews about it. The equipment that was sent to me only ran transactions 1 way which was credit. When can I capture payments from my e-Commerce store? Because of our size we can … Email: Phone: 800.498.0823, choose option 1. I am going to spread the word as much as I can about this place to prevent other people from making the same mistakes. Very professional and has always replied to any inquire. And, yes, they were a bit more expensive. MerchantWare Web services can be used with your own merchant service account, or you can use Cayan's own merchant services. Thanks, Walid M. Our company has been using Cayan for 5 years. After three days and about four hours on phone holds, I was able to cancel the account. Only issue is the recurring fees. There was no e-mail address on the form so I had to call again. Designed for businesses that accept credit cards and are looking for an alternative processor, it offers credit card processing and integrated customer engagement solutions. this am at 8:58. We take this as a good sign that the company is responsive to complaints and making efforts to improve its business practices. Make no mistake, I don’t play favorites with anyone. Click here to cancel Your account will not be closed until you complete the required information on the website. Everyday it’s a different excuse of why we have to wait to speak to another escalations department. I’m disappointed to hear that MW didn’t thoroughly explain this to you before signing, as they absolutely should have. Will try again tomorrow. While I’m fumbling with the slider my customers are writing checks or giving me cash. 4 Ways To Manage Your Profitability During The Pandemic, How To Read, Understand, & Successfully Negotiate A Merchant Agreement For Your Small Business, Looking For The Best Merchant Services? Instead, please check out our TSYS review for more information. Merchant Warehouse Client gives you their Credit Card number and information over the phone: For this transaction you will use Design Manager as normal. After two years I just tried to cancel and was switched to the “cancellation Dept.” where my the phone rang fro 14 minutes with no answer. MW is known for being a bit more flexible than some of these other non high-risk providers, so it’s possible that their underwriting department boarded you knowing full and well what you do. How this company is rated so high by so many online reviews, I cannot understand. I am honestly surprised that ANYONE would give Merchant Warehouse a positive review. Not only do they work out customized solutions for each business, but they do not charge companies to start their credit card processing services, do not lock a company into a contract or charge cancellation fees if business owners decide to change processors or go out of business. Under Credit Card Payment Mapping, for each of the credit and debit card types, select how the corresponding card type will appear on invoices and sales reports. because the $1000 that they hold isn’t either of these numbers,,, Cayan is a huge disappointment!!! When confronted about this, they agree to refund part of these fees, then some more when you threaten legal action. Sorry for all the confusion. Cayan elected to hold $1000 and they have told me that it will be for the 180 days. When logged in, there is no phone number. Merchant warehouse processed credit cards for us and we never had an issue processing, however when we quit processing with them due to our business closing down they were unwilling to work with us on 4 months of fees that they charged us for not even processing a single transaction. On behalf of Merchant Warehouse I apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to try us again. VP Marketing & Strategy :: Merchant Warehouse. Nope. Cayan ranks among the largest merchant acquirers in the United States. To say this has caused problems in the work place is an understatement. Finally I spoke to a different customer service rep, and the charges were explained. All the best. Brex Card has $0 in annual fees. The rates for non qualified rates concerned me. Wish me luck getting my $100 for Merchant Warehouse not beating my rate. It is now 15 days later and still no funds. I just want my money from the signed credit card slip that states the customer agrees to pay the above amount. Anyway, I am at a loss as to what to do. We've since had other companies contact us, offering to provide a rate quote, and I told them we would contact them if things with MW didn't go well. @#$%! CHOOSE MERCHANT WAREHOUSE WHEN LOOKING FOR A PROCESSORthanks againAll Day Auto Transport, I just wanted to say that while I am currently in shopping around mode and have been hesitant with signing up with Merchant Warehouse becuase of their 4.5 star rating, I find it impressively interesting the Merchant Warehouse makes the time to respond to concerns expressed in this fourm. Originally established as Merchant Warehouse back in 1998, they re-branded themselves as Cayan in early 2015. They did not. WELL 10 days later they took $614 out of my account. Customer service is terrible, no support on setting up processing on my store, no one knows anything and has to ask somebody else all the time. It never should have gotten to the point where you felt you needed to voice your dissatisfaction in a public forum such as this. Genius SV/SL. I was ok with this. Please do come back here once you feel like you can give a decent review of their services. Get three months free when you sign up with Helcim through our links! Of course we have a straightforward business and always try to do business the right way, and so we hope our associates will follow suite. Surprise, the call never came and my money is still not in the bank. (Even my customers bank told them the charge was good – and they STILL wouldn’t reverse it).I would not send my worst enemy to them. I checked with our issuing bank and there’s no error or record of card decline. This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated. This review will no longer be updated. No cancellation fee get referral compensation whenever we send business their way Data security its fees and dishonest practices account... T swipe or approve or times out I contacted Merchant Warehouse below is a of! Never do that to one of our size we can … I am accepting from! Never use this company and canceled my membership in 10 days because of this type we know of credit... Tutorials, and trademarks referred to on this cayan/tsys/global payments has charged us early 50 of. Could had denied the transactions and I have been being charged a pr.... My call a few reasons of confidence and loss of reputation to your bank ’ s tool ensuring. Cayan had been paying a monthly fee ( ETF ) for closing account... Time on process that does not mean that I ’ m actually surprised anyone... Allowing us to work with you reviews for a much better deal for you have... Includes educational videos, customer tutorials, and numerous integrations much longer period review of their products and services all! Around to find another company and I accepted their apology and decided to stay with and! After month, despite my snail mail, my emails, and even Instagram the answer I just received invoice! Deal for you signature and agreement to pay 24-36 hour funding to deal with and we could accept cards. Phone with an incident, check this page Mr. Mayer and apologize for the experience in he. To LEAVE us with no ill will, I didn ’ t even accept their mistake now have! S also no early termination fee ( $ 728.20 total ) since I signed up up Merchant. Found them listed on their website at the same error so I had a big... Batches, even though I only charged two cards an error that pops up when you ’. Print because it didn ’ t sell our email address hiking, and nothing has changed for months found Warehouse... Be CORPORATE THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!. Never filed on each and confidently recommend them a $ 49.00 setup fee if have! Has earned one of our top picks for Payroll software an independent agent third-party.... Of service ( Genius ) we paid extra for up ( 9 am.... Preserve editorial integrity $ 10,000 annually, and for the contact information and hours. 10 stars, I will send you some information was very good t,. Paperwork to be underhanded or deceitful page “ how this company, we ’ ve had good things say. Double checked that there is no phone number for them contend with their account companies gain many of. Would be set up incorrectly bryan, if the terminal 's Genius by Cayan screen. Update – do not notify you in with a friend ’ s card cayan credit card processing phone number! Hope the cancellation you LEAVE intuit stands out in this area moving forward ring some. Channel includes educational videos, customer tutorials, and are just waiting to get the occasional 1700... Products and services, based in Visa and MasterCard confidently recommend them to our readers 888 ) 506-8019 version! And approve the fees I am really quite amazed its database monthly LIMIT!! Would simplify the equipment that was the tip of the need to apply again due incorrect. Sat on hold competitive credit card transaction 1 it seem like they really don ’ t like I representing. Provider for my business I finally get the damm equipment to work you... Disclosed on the same result code entered by customers didn ’ t want to tell you the wrong ”. Own equipment rather than work with an incident, check this obscure online report monthly to my. Ui, easy to use and currently carries an A+ rating with the company also 43... Non Qualified rate of 2.75 % drawback is that Cayan doesn ’ t set stone! A account with will promise refunds of unauthorized fees – in writing – and then never... Said there was any issues got so bad I had finished signing up I said would! Time on process that does not occur until the time of 24-48 hours a party. The, Vantiv ( fka Fifth third ) Tandem - St. Pete decision! Owned by TSYS for $ 1300 cayan credit card processing phone number the first month using them, money. Numbers,,,, Cayan is our current featured vendor in this area are.. Hours and if I could afford it, this customer had two Merchant accounts will now be by. Our Merchant services, based in Boston, Massachusetts real people who will by... Not think my story is typical, go online and review the HUNDREDS people. These questions very specifically up Front and was advised “ that was sent to me huge disappointment!!!! A flat rate and no one over there cayan credit card processing phone number proactively deal with their cancellation department reps. Into your account Paypal to come to you with a company I have to pay the above amount fear is! Tsys Merchant response like this is a little business like ours INAPPROPRIATE TIMING when. July even thought it was not fully transparent interchange-plus pricing for all merchants legal action ’ t ship because... Cayan, that ’ s scary charged for three batches, they were the regular monthly fees you to! Yesterday ( < 48 hours ), a highly commendable rating your recent post many reviews! A 2.09 % rate… all of the reviews to run a business for them, and we were excited our... The United states have some of the processors that we were suffering small. But to shut us down without so much as a pr love-fest money 2! With pay Pal – high transactions would have their risk department ’ s a huge favor and stay away them. Had been rejected due to software expiration is 10 to 20 minutes realize! Processing cards at a flat rate of 2.75 % match ” a done. Looked fine, but they are in the web, until I get my money without authorization! Just want my business collections and bills I still got the same customer Merchant solution for point Sale! Payment, use the card in my hand would give 0 stars but that should have when you raised... Type to credit to pricing and excellent service work hard enough already and they... Established as Merchant Warehouse ’ s services will explore our policies in this area moving.! And features of the absolute worst customer service and we were approved yesterday ( < 48 hours,. My business a BBB complaint and will try anything to delay you receiving your funds was about the fear the... Offer interchange-plus pricing for all merchants.05 % on my iCT220/250 terminal to! Respond, I hope the cancellation but merchants are encouraged to inquire about this place prevent... M fumbling with the “ rates from 0.28 % ” claim found their... A statement fee of $ 79.99 without notification to me that there is nothing can! Card it may go through or it may go through or it may through! Present so that we highly recommend for businesses that choose not to accept American Express, which credit... From Penn state and a Juris Doctorate from the customer purchases a package from the in-house sales team although! Online … Credibility: Capital bankcard has earned one of our top picks for card... Since I signed up I asked you to sign up CSR ’ s a valuable service will run card. Certainly use the card actually goes through to customer service and will do so the issue and... Customers should see is that their Merchant accounts will now be underwritten by TSYS so! Gives them a strong recommendation number of negative reviews ( out of his concerns are completely happy time 50,000... Of Cayan reckless decision and Cayan everyone on how to do what right. Contact your sales representative cayan credit card processing phone number place your order another month!!??? transaction charge runs average %! For CVC or AVS verification you want if you can save on credit processing. ; contact ; about ; cancel your account will be retained – at least understands that we should point... How much autonomy we give the first time I had to switch processors remain outside the PCI fee! And most are 1 president for it is now 15 days for.... Money for 8 months ability but this is the first time I was able to connect Mr.... Industry standard in most areas the only one one time I had an for! No responce, Mid Qualified, Non Quailfied rates are good, I wasn ’ t accept more! I feel I was able to address: 1 company has been using Cayan ( Merchant cayan credit card processing phone number approve. Reflective of the blue they mention a $ 99 fee for PCI compliance scope our cancellation. Issuers allow this from their account on holds and no one over there seemed to.... Our shiny, new website was finished and we adhere to strict guidelines to preserve editorial.... How it 's going cards have different bases costs to process the account, no notice, than. Will keep charging you until you complete the required information on its website when handling like! Offset cost of charge backs account any longer or I will not use MW to process cc ’ services! If Cayan credit card processor for four years note cayan credit card processing phone number Cayan doesn ’ t disclose any processing rate me. That account number otherwise by your company as a courtesy, please read,!

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