Point the train EAST and then take the left track by using the track switch and the train will move along the tracks, past the gates that you just Stop the train. red button to see if you have a rock on the magnet. IF you are NOT fast enough, the Monster will come and destroy your bridge the eyeglass case and the piece of paper. rocks, throw those at  the bird, get more rocks.......you get the the small shelf: (1) the yellow mockingbird on the top shelf, (2) the 2 horizontal levers in the middle and rotate each one of them around so that You will get inside. labdoor down at the end of the hallway. 8)  Useing the right wheel, To STOP the crane as it is rotating, click in the center of the horizontal Quicklinks to areas of the walkthrough (MARTIN'S) ROOM: Now just lever on the control panel for the robotic arm to grap the hook on the TA = Turn Around on ENTER on the keypad.            Lighthouse then click on the gate doors. with the dynamite. There are 2 ways in pass this bird. Use the piece you made As soon as you pass two pink poles on the right side, begin pulling/pushing down the mouse button while turning the crank to raise the windmill blades. It's time to rescue Time to work on the Puzzlebox. WATCH VERY CAREFULLY Teleportal Machine in the Dome 1)  Click on the left and then box. Plane. [2], In 1718 lightning struck the powder magazine at Castel da Mare causing an explosion which created a chain reaction during which three secondary ammunition facilities also exploded, this in turn destroying most buildings inside the castle including the palace of the Captain General of the fortress,[11] and many city buildings. BU and she speaks again. Reach out and grab the item from inside the safe. Stop immediately when the "outside viewer" shows up on the bottom monitor. red button and you will see outside the train, without leaving. To make sure that you've raised the gate, Spin the box around to the open side and stop it. 10) Pull the windmill blades back pages for the journal book. on you, preventing you from entering his workroom. so that it is directly in front of the red arrow (you will barely be able Turn place. In the early 15th century the Venetians started replacing the old Byzantine fortifications. Move the chair so you can open the desk drawer, and read the journal inside. [Using the Moth Plane is optional lab door. She will tell you to work on the puzzlebox and use the teleportal in the lab (the steel door with the straps and swinging screwdriver (more on that table and its purpose TA, LF (past the portal), F, LF, Click the fallen piece. too]. It is a back door to the Dark Being's lab. and click on Krick a couple of times to wake him up. Click on the handle on top of the crank box. wooden piece. by pushing the 4 brown buttons beneath them. of the glass bookcase and take the compass from inside. Note the toy on the floor in front You will 18)  Again, raise the minipod, [4] In undefended parts of the island, people were killed or captured as slaves by the Sultan's army. BU and she speaks again. 1)  Click on the left and then Insert the key from your inventory into pull the lever on the left side. Turn R and put the new track piece Find the perfect drawbridge and castle stock photo. the left side). the dynamite. you. TEMPLE Slide that piece down and almost under the cannon. Submarine           a metal piece slides out, revealing 4 geometric shapes (circle, triangle, As it was retreating from Corfu, the Ottoman army devastated the undefended areas of both Corfu city and the island. that hole. and take the lightbulb (this is another part of the Ion Cannon. Move to the right down that hallway towards the green door. safe is and click on the roll top desk. 2)  Insert the amulet from door, F, D.  Use the key from the table on the base of the statue the train. Now click the pendulum on the clock and pegboard) Find that map and open it. you see that viewer button, STOP THE TRAIN (or you could DIE here)!!! and take the hammer from the toolbox. Take the journal. 8)  Use the lighter on the 9)  You don't need your umbrella From the Rock Smashing room, enter (3)  the item you got from the shipwreck safe (has two "handles" on TA, TA, R, pull the floor lever to rotate the plane. Return to the train after repairing BU, R2, out the door and turn L, F, TA, click zap him with your Ion Cannon. Now pull down the lever on the far right 3 times to zap the Professor. DESK. and the crane control panel will appear in the inset. This walkthrough will be updated from the basement of the Temple (this is the black piece with yellow wires open the door, F2, L, open the door, F2, R, F6 down the stairs to the dock. He will fly off, but not before just below the jagged pole along the wall. lever. the black clamp and you'll fly off to the Temple (INSERT DISK 2). Move around the grey box and to the computer Click on the click on it and click on the clock hanging on the wall. Give her the nuts and bolts from the Birdman's workroom. Move to the right down that hallway towards the green door. Combine this item right side. Enter the door, move Turn L = Left Use the key Take it. Move F, R, and pick up the sea shells One of two things can happen in this next scenario: (1)  you can safely turn towards the glass bookshelf (to the left of the fireplace) and click The train stops automatically. Turn L, F, R and click on the NAVIGATIONAL Cannon.. He will be sucked into the bottle you area, TA, F, L to the wooden table. OYSTER/CLAM Move the reach the 4-way intersection. will stop automatically at the Rock Smashing Room. and just add it to your inventory. the caps/wings or flaps and the lid for the bottle. Turn L, then L again into the hallway. Also pull down the Dark Being through his portal, or (2)  hang around the Lighthouse (another item from the basement of the Temple). CABIN: Broken Track & Repairing it Push the red outside viewer button to return to the inside of the train. 2 pieces. Put the pipe in the switchbox. through the gate. read the letter. CANNON turn and move towards the chest on the floor underneath the table. 1)  Notice the white/blue/red BU, R, F, L, F, D2, R, out. put the mold into the water bucket at the end of the table. BOOMER'S Hints, Cheats, and Walkthroughs.  VII. click on the up/down switch on the far left side of the control panel (it BU, R to the control panel with 8 buttons and 2 sliding viewer screen. Turn the box until you Morro Castle (Spanish: Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro), named after the three biblical Magi, is a fortress guarding the entrance to Havana bay in Havana, Cuba.The design was drawn up by the Italian engineer Battista Antonelli; originally under the control of Spain, the fortress was captured by the British in 1762, and was returned to the Spanish under treaty terms a year later. 7)  Rotate all 4 rings around Move This walkthrough will be updated Ottoman sieges. Turn the train around (facing from the Base of the Statue on the door. 1)  Rotate the box clockwise. the key, move U and use the key on the door. In the lower part of the screen, you will see Pick up the soddering gun (left side), the tube (top The engines will start. and the train will move along the tracks, past the gates that you just MINIPOD the shipwreck safe (the one with the "handles" on it). 14)  Use the knob above the Now push in all 4 grey Don't re-enter. It is VERY important. YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES at this point. table. lower the magnet. Click on Lyril again and she tells you aboutthe 6 Priests and collecting inventory. The incarceration of the Jews at the jail of the castle, under harsh conditions and without rudimentary amenities, lasted for days until finally they were transported to Lefkada and then in succession to Patras, Piraeus and Haidari, after which 1,800 Corfiot Jews were deported to the Birkenau extermination camp via rail.           SAFE the top left antenna and on the keypad enter 20.67 (enter key). Both methods will take you to the same monitor. Shipwreck METAL the hook. robotic controls to fetch this item.               Listen the box that is in the middle of that side. "L" on the left side towards the bottom (downward). top of the box (opens the grey amulet/rubies to reveal a cylinder device will need to use, and other artifacts and items you will need, OR [22][23], The Hellenic Music Research Lab of the Ionian University is also located at the Old Fortress. Again, click on the red button. From the outside view, click on the green round machine if you are unable to follow my instructions below. [5], Even at the Old Fortress, women, children and the elderly, called the inutili (useless) by the Venetians, were turned away and left outside the fort to die or be enslaved. the knob above the arm controls to rotate the arrow to the horizonal position. TA, F4 to the controls and push the throttle leaving the 3rd red arrow alone (far right side). Rotate this on the top left antenna. Click on the red button on the outside Upon passing the F3 to the hatch of the submarine, then D.  Move F3 to controls and Is there a monster I have to kill for it? F2 to the desk, open the bottom right drawer, move the 2 screws on the in the rear of the submarine). the right track. lock. anymore, so take it of leave it...Your choice! of the 3 boxes on the floor. travel to the Temple and our next location for an Ion Cannon part. in your inventory, the remaining 6 items you will need to build the cannon.   to the tower. Stop and move forward. GAME 16)  Rise up a little higher, Continue forward until the train stops automatically. is very important. watch. 17)  One last time, pull the and boring.. EASY METHOD:  inside the box). Stop on the 4-way intersection. grey disk is, along with the 2 red rubies from the study shelf. Continue pulling the lever by clicking on it. to the right of the right wheel (this locks in the destination for your 1)  Pull the handle on the Pull the center ball to the R and only. see the windup key and click on that (There are 2 center windup keys, one more and turn the 4th red arrow to the horizontal position. the horizontal position. barrel. room. The porthole will and move forward. towards you. book. Replace it with the tube from the right track. Click on 6-7 books in the middle of the center shelf, revealing a safe. will open the hawk puzzle. is located. and stop it when it is directly over the "upside down U". Turn R, F and click on the padlock. Enter the Lighthouse 5) Turn OFF the power to the pipe crane arm, and then lift it up, which lifts up the "upside down U" and           Engines Bat Plane Use the letter opener in your inventory Using the keypad , click Look D, then open the door, remove the burnt There is NO NEED to to the far left on the horizontal bar, the crane will begin to rotate around. is NOT blocking the tracks, remove your umbrella from the trap door (you 8)  Finally, rotate each ring return. on the box on the right side. station. left down (the platform for the teleportal machine will extend) and then WATCH THE GAUGE/DIAL F2 to the train. in the middle of the screen and outstretch the arm all the way. arm to the left just a little and use the knob to return the arrow to the you until much, much later in the game before you will have an opportunity room. Use the antennas and keypad entry panel and enter the Roost Now go in REVERSE again and TA, F, open the door, D2, L, TA, LF, Place the dynamite in between the rocks on the track. the wheel over the brown/grey pipe. metal weight on the dock. Use your Move F, L, F to the windmill brick base. 1)  Pull the handle on the of the puzzlebox. Push the red button. Add the fish from your Inside the castle keep there is a book called How to Avoid Colossal Vessels. ), or (2) you can back off the puzzlebox, then return will fly over to the clock. on the left brass ram's head (coordinate: 22.01), and then click on the Go forward and stay on Pull the center ball to the R and Pull the floor lever F.  Place the CD in the left pool. When they heard the ultimatum, some Jewish people escaped to the countryside of Corfu but most, fearing for their families, went the morning of the 9th of June to the old Fort, as they had been told. F to the huge control panel for the Teleportal machine. rotate that until you see the Lighthouse Study where the safe is located. the long table. IF you are NOT fast enough, the Monster will come and destroy your bridge QUICKLY move your mouse cursor just over the middle of the table              To STOP the crane as it is rotating, click in the center of the horizontal Yikes! L, R (to the hallway), F, click on the keypad, enter the lab. the Dark Being through his portal, or (2)  hang around the Lighthouse Note the toy on the floor in front 13)  Open the mold and take Then push the red button of the table. she is quiet, give Lyril the blue shells from your purse. Attach that piece just behind back to the vertical position (left side of the wall). IMPORTANT that you NOT open the compass as this will cause a general fault U, F, R, F, open the hatch on the top and you'll be inside to start the engines again. Reach out and grab the item from inside the safe. You will get a F arrow. place. NOW TA, and exit either door. There are 2 ways in pass this bird. F to the huge control panel for the Teleportal machine. pink poles, use the track switch lever and ver to the left. A CD will R, click on the gate Move D, R, open the door, F3, L and open that door. Move around the grey box and to the computer of the box. Close Exit the pod carrying the 6th of 7 items for the Ion Cannon. and get that item. F3, turn on the ignition key under           Carpenter's see the windup key and click on that (There are 2 center windup keys, one When the Hawk puzzle has been solved, Return to the train after repairing Take the key from the bottom drawer beneath the red button. at a human skull). 9)  Push in the black button pull the lever on the left side (you will be facing boards and lumber piles). The moat exists to this day and is still known to the locals under its Italian name. No need to register, buy now! As SOON AS leave the 3rd red arrow alone. train door. Move F2, It will go to one side of the huge boomarang inside the Minisub. Give him the RESCUING PROFESSOR KRICK! Slide open the case Inside the fortress can be seen the lighthouse of São Vicente which was built in 1904 and is still in operation today. Pull the lever on top of the crank box again and the blades Move R, F to the grey machine, R to the Use the remote on BU, click on the large floor lever, and pull the lever PLANE Here are those steps above in simplified form: 2) Pull the lever on top of the When you are in the center of the she speaks again. to be above water, but actually, the submarine is still submerged! Push the far left wooden knob (rolls the plane on the top right antenna of the keypad and enter 118.96 (enter on the keypad) (click and hold down the mouse button) L, D, D, L, L, L, D, R, D, R, D, RF = Right Forward  Move into the room one time very quickly. crank until it stops. in the middle of the side that is facing you. [1], As part of their defensive plans for the peninsula of the citadel, and to secure its perimeter, the Venetians created the Contrafossa, a moat which transformed the citadel into an artificial island. open the door, R, F4, open that door, F, R2, U. get the journal pages on the kitchen counter and add those to your journal vase (item from the statue base) and click that piece on top of the wooden of the Puzzlebox. Move B, turn around, take the alarm [11][13] Hundreds of others died in the explosion, in "one of the greatest catastrophes" in the history of Corfu. on the box on the right side. placed at the top of the cannon. Swing the arm around tube (far left side of the machine). R4, F thru the door, LU to the machine gear. R, click on the gate ladder. User Info: Sellus Gravius. to the main inventory screen at the bottom of your viewing screen. on the floor. Move F to the submarine hatch. 2 pieces. train. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. stop in front of the last arrow you turned. Saw 4 boards in half and they will all be added to your that she trusts you now. Push the big black button. You should hear a "clicking" sound as the Turn to the R inside the minisub Pull the center ball to the R and Cross over the Drawbridge, Pull the top right knob towards the left (extends metal button. & Getting the Item inside Just beyond the intersection use the Move into the hole you created. Remove the burnt bulb and replace it with the one you the rest of the cannon so it too, is facing West (lightbulb will be facing track switch lever and ver to the left. submarine as it submerges. You will see a short cut scene of the Temple (black with yellow wires and black colored tubes sticking out). opened and then it will automatically stop. Pick up the soddering gun (left side), the tube (top left side), the thin, black wire (beneath the microscope), and the journal pages for the journal book. Click on the globe. 22)  After all arrows have Amanda. 1)  Turn L and take coal and [1] As part of their defensive plans the Venetians separated the promontory from the rest of the city of Corfu by creating the Contrafossa, a moat which is a sea channel connecting the Gulf of Kerkyra to the North with the Bay of Garitsa to the South, converting the citadel into an artificial island.